DPF/EGR Delete Kits

How Deleting Your EGR Can Greatly Improve Your Engine’s Performance

Emission control systems are a two sided coin. You need them to cut down on the amount of harm you do to the environment but in return they can really slow you down. Engine gas recirculation systems are no exception. Their aim is to burn out all of the nasty pollutants and unspent fuel by pushing your exhaust back into your cylinders. Unfortunately, this messes with your air to fuel ratio and places a massive restriction on your engine’s performance.


How a DPF Delete Will Improve Your Fuel Economy

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is “will a DPF delete improve the fuel economy on my big rig and by how much?”. In short, a DPF delete will give you better fuel economy. In some cases operators have seen a 10% increse in mileage however, the performance boost you gain after a delete is largely dependant on the type of vehicle you are modifying, how it has been driven and how you maintain it.


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