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How a DPF Delete Will Improve Your Fuel Economy

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is “will a DPF delete improve the fuel economy on my big rig and by how much?”. In short, a DPF delete will give you better fuel economy. In some cases operators have seen a 10% increse in mileage however, the performance boost you gain after a delete is largely dependant on the type of vehicle you are modifying, how it has been driven and how you maintain it.

Now that your have the short explanation, lets try and answer the question in more detail and hopefully clear up any uncertainty that might remain.

How Does a DPF System Work?

This may seem fairly elementary, especially if you have been driving trucks for a while but for those of you who aren’t sure, a DPF system is designed to remove up to 100% of the soot that your truck generates during regular operation. It does this by running your exhaust through a filter before releasing it into the atmosphere. While this seems to be the greatest thing since sliced bread, there is much more to the story.

Once your DPF filter has reached a certain capacity for soot it attempts to burn it all off. To do this your engine runs in a way that elevates exhaust temperature in conjunction with an extra fuel injector in the exhaust stream that injects fuel to react with a catalyst element. Ultimately, all of the soot that is collected by your DPF system is turned to ash which is stored in your filter.

The Most Common Problem Associated With DPF Systems

One of the big problems with DPF systems is that many engines will only burn off the accumulated soot when the truck reaches highway speeds. For drivers who don’t reach speeds high enough to trigger a burn frequently, soot begins to build up inside the engine and lowers its performance. This means that your engine will need to work harder to get your truck rolling.

For those trucks that are able to burn off the soot accumulated in their filters, they ultimately will build up so much ash that the DPF system cant function properly anymore which, again, may cause the engine to accumulate soot.

Why Does a DPF Delete Improve Your Fuel Economy?

While a DPF system can eliminate your vehicles emissions completely it is very taxing on your engine and may not always be working at it’s full potential. Like any filter, it can eventually get plugged up and cause your engine to work harder than it needs to in order to accelerate, maintain cruising speeds and even decelerate.

With a DPF delete you are removing a giant restriction on your engines fuel system. You no longer need to worry about your exhaust system plugging up which means that not only can your engine breathe easier, it also heavily reduces the amount of gunk that builds up. When your engine doesn’t need to work as hard to keep up to speed it will use a lot less fuel and of course with all of the different engine types and configurations on the market it is very hard to say exactly how much fuel you will save after a DPF delete.

How Much Does a DPF Delete Cost and How Long Will Your Truck Be In The Shop?

With a DPF Delete, it will cost anywhere from $2000.00 – $3500.00 for the software upgrade depending on the engine we are upgrading. This software upgrade will ensure that your engine will run efficiently after the delete process. Then there is a hardware upgrade, bypassing the exhaust filter and exhaust sensors so that the engine can breath and perform much better. All of this work is professionally completed by licensed technicians who take pride in their work.

The nicest thing about a DPF delete is that your heavy truck will pay off the initial cost by the end of the year in fuel and maintenance savings.

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