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How Deleting Your EGR Can Greatly Improve Your Engine’s Performance

Emission control systems are a two sided coin. You need them to cut down on the amount of harm you do to the environment but in return they can really slow you down. Engine gas recirculation systems are no exception. Their aim is to burn out all of the nasty pollutants and unspent fuel by pushing your exhaust back into your cylinders. Unfortunately, this messes with your air to fuel ratio and places a massive restriction on your engine’s performance.

In any internal combustion engine that uses an EGR system, the purpose is to reduce NOx emissions. These emissions controls exist in both gas and diesel engines although gas exhaust reacts differently than diesel exhaust does to air and fuel mixtures inside the combustion chamber. Regardless of what type of fuel is being used, the system works by recirculating a portion of an engine’s exhaust back to the cylinders.

What Kind of Gains Can Your Heavy Truck See After a Delete?

The efficiency of an engine largely depends on its ability to maintain proper fuel to air ratios for the velocity that you wish to maintain. Unfortunately, by adding exhaust fumes into an engines combustion cycle the recipe for perfect combustion is tampered with and as a result your engine suffers from a lack of performance.

Another problem with engine gas recirculation is the necessary equipment that is included in the process. In order for exhaust gasses to be re-introduced into your engine, an EGR cooler must first bring the temperature of your exhaust down to a suitable temperature. As you probably know, running any cooling system in an engine draws a significant amount of power away from the motor. In order to keep your truck at highway speeds it needs to work that much harder to do so while running your EGR cooler.

How Exactly Does An EGR System Work?

In the process of feeding exhaust gasses back to the engine, the oxygen in the incoming air stream is diluted which provides the opportunity for inert gasses to absorb some of the engine heat which results in lower combustion temperatures. Because NOx is produced at high cylinder temperatures, the chances of it being produced and emitted into the atmosphere are greatly decreased.

How Is Your EGR Robbing Your Engine of Power?

With an EGR delete we plug off your engine gas recirculation system from the cooler, shut off any sensors associated with the delete and reprogram your engine control module to compensate for the changes we had made to the the engine. By doing this we ensure that your truck is running perfectly without any hiccups or fault codes.

After all of the work has been done, our customers will see up to a 3 or sometimes even 4 mile per gallon difference in their fuel economy. More importantly, all of the maintenance associated with running an EGR system will be eliminated and your truck will be running with up to 20% more power.

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