Fully Licensed automotive Repair Facility

Licensed Red Seal technicians are sought after in all technical fields in Canada. AB Enterprise Corp. understands the professionalism that can be brought to the work with the help of these technicians. As part of our mobile services facility, we offer the clients with the fully equipped CVIP facility along with the Red Seal journeymen, who would get the work done efficiently. The CVIP facility available with us is licensed and fully functional when it comes to offering the best repair service for your equipment.

Our licensed facilities and technicians help in reducing the down time required for your equipment, by directly bringing the repair equipment to your workstation. This facility encompasses all kinds of small to big engine repairs for the automotives, repair and maintenance of the highway equipment, repair of off road equipment and for the repairs that deal with the maintenance of the equipment. To facilitate the services, AB Enterprise Corp. offers both off road and on road licensed Red Seal technicians for completing the repair.

Welding services

We understand that equipments and other materials made of metal require welding when it comes to repair. This is required when you need to fix two loose joints or two sheets of metal for closing a fixture. To make sure that the work is done efficiently, we also offer licensed welders to complete the welding work at your workstation. Our welding services can be obtained either for the repair of the existing structures or equipments or for setting up an entirely new equipment.
Apart from this, AB Enterprise Corp. also offers fabrication services. We provide these services as part of our mobile repair works. This makes sure that the materials used in your workplace are of the right measurements. This will help a great deal when you have to maintain the structure for a long time.